Kemerovo region governor expressed his gratitude to Chairman of Investigative Committee for work of regional investigations directorate employees

The Kemerovo Region Governor Aman Tuleyev has expressed his gratitude to the Chairman of the Russia's Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin for well-organized and professional work of employees of the regional investigations directorate on protection of labor rights of citizens and measures, taken to guarantee full and timely paid salary.

In July 2016 the situation in "Razrez Inskoy" Stock Company worsened, as the employees had not received their salary for a long time. Workers started considering a strike or a blockage of the Trans-Siberian railroad, and on July 8 two shifts of miners declined to go into mine and started hunger striking. Taking into account negative experience of strikes in the Kuzbass Region during 90's, the results of this situation were unpredictable. The enterprise owner Tsygankov held aloof from problem solving and by doing so increased liabilities to workers, shifting responsibility for people to authorities.

At the moment the Kemerovo Region Investigations Directorate of the Russia's Investigative Committee continues investigation of criminal cases over nonpayments to workers of "Razrez Inskoy" Stock Company and abuse of power. It was found that authorities and shareholders of "Razrez Inskoy" Stock Company organized and provided procedures for mutual settlements of contractors with "Razrez Inskoy", that made payments in budgetary and non-budgetary funds of the Russian Federation impossible, including taxes, which are obligatory for this organization due to its collecting liabilities. It resulted in grief implications for employees, some of money lenders, as well as interests of society and state.

The Kemerovo Region Governor highly appreciated how quickly criminal cases had been launched and wrote to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee, than "only through measures taken by the Directorate it was possible to stabilize the situation and motivate the enterprise owner to pay salary. Such well-organized actions are undoubtedly beneficial for government authority, they make simple people believe in power of law, help to stabilize social and politic environment in the region."

It must be noted, that only in the passed period of current year in the Kemerovo Region 20 criminal cases have been launched over non-payments of salary, representatives of the Investigations Directorate regularly participated in sessions of the Kemerovo Region headquarters for financial monitoring and elaboration of measures to support regional economic industries, where in compliance with suggestion by the Investigations Directorate executives of debtor enterprises reported on measures taken to pay salary debts. As a result, in 1st half of 2016 over 112 million rubles of salary debts to employees of the Kemerovo Region has been paid. As for "Razrez Inskoy" Stock Company, the salary debt was paid for 2 months in full scale. Following process investigative procedures are underway, aimed to repair damage inflicted to workers and state.

 Head of Media Relations                                                                  V.I. Markin

12 August 2016 14:54

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