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In Omsk, ex-director of NPO Mostovik to stand trial for tax evasion and grand fraud

The Omsk Region Office of the Investigative Committee has finished the investigation against former CEO of Mostovik, science and production enterprise, limited liability company Oleg Shishov charged with crimes under Part 2, item “b” of Article 199 (tax evasion on a very large scale), Part 3 of Article 159.4 of the RF Penal Code (fraud on a very large scale).

According to investigators, in 2009-2011, Shishov put into financial documents of Mostovik and tax declarations false information that a number of counteragents, including nominal ones, had fulfilled construction work at the facilities located in the cities of Vladivostok (a bridge on Russky Island for the APEC summit, Maritime Aquarium), Omsk, Tyumen, Tovolsk and Sochi, as well as in Astrakhan, Moscow Regions and Transbaikalrian Territory. He put those sums in as tax deductible. In fact, investigators revealed that those companies had not done any work for Mostovik, while all of the work had been done by workers of Mostovik or some other organizations. This way, Shishov evaded paying over 478 million rubles in VAT.

Additionally, Shishov committed a fraud by stealing 526 million rubles allocated for the construction of a ring road in Omsk (the section between Fyodorovka and Aleksandrovka). In fact, Shishov had not started the construction, had not bought construction materials for it, had not executed the contract, but spent all the money to pay off debts of Mostovik company.

The investigators ran forensic economic, accounting, handwriting, construction and technical inquiries and the conclusions show that Shishov was involved in the crimes he was accused of. There are 221 files of criminal records. With all the evidence gathered against him, Shishov admitted his guilt and requested that his case be tried under a special procedure.

The investigators have enough evidence, so the criminal case with the approved indictment has been referred to court. 

15 August 2016 09:25

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