Patriarch Cyril of Moscow and all Russia gives blessing to nominate Archangel Michael patron saint of Russia’s Investigative Committee

On the initiative of the Chairman of the Russia’s Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin and for consolidation of moral and spiritual basis of the personnel the Patriarch of Cyril of Moscow and All Russia has given his blessing to nominate The Archistratigos Michel the patron saint of the Investigative Committee.

The choice of the protector has the following reasons: firstly, the Holy Writ depicts him as the head fighter against any kind of human lawlessness, while in the Book of Revelation he stands out as a warrior of Light, the leader in the war against Satan and forces of evil, the Orthodox icons represent Archangel Michael piercing the Devil (the serpent, dragon, Satan) with his lance, treading a rich old man (the symbol of battle against bribery and other acts of corruption) under his foot; secondly, Archangel Michael is often depicted holding scales with one scale heavier than the other to help the guardian of the gates of heaven to way the soles of the departed suggesting analogy to criminal judicial procedure which is the main mission of the Investigative Committee.

It is deeply symbolic that the first ceremony of giving the icon of The Archangel Michael is planned to be held on 1 September 2016 at the Saint Petersburg Academy of the Investigative Committee, on its opening day. The premises of the new academy on the Moyka embankment were occupied by the Alexander Military Law Academy between 1867 and 1917. After studying military penal laws, military penal judicial procedure, military administrative laws, criminal law and judicial procedure, history of military law, state and civil laws for three years the graduates could take positions in the military and judicial department. As all military schools before the Revolution, the Alexander Military Law Academy had its own Orthodox chapel or prayer house, so it might be reconstructed in its historical place if archives confirm it.

Following the instructions of Mr. Bastrykin the Investigative Committee with participation of the Synodal Office of the Moscow Patriarchate and in cooperation with the Armed Forces and law-enforcement authorities is now developing a draft agreement between the Committee and the Russian Orthodox Church. The object of the said agreement is cooperation of the parties for revival and consolidation of spirituality based on traditional moral values which is the most important factor of wellbeing and safety of the Russian society; use of powerful spiritual potential of the Orthodox Church in order to protect cultural, moral heritage, historical traditions in order to consolidate the stability of the social life, to overcome the threat of spiritual degradation of the people, to reduce the level of crime in the country; counteraction to such negative phenomena as terrorism, extremism, corruption, immorality and other unfavorable trends based on false perception of freedom and human rights.

It is important that The Archangel Michael is present in most of religions traditional in Russia (Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Judaism), both the Old and New Testaments, as well as the Koran mention him. This makes it possible for the patron saint to be worshipped in the offices of the Investigative Committee based in North Caucasian Federal District.

Other law-enforcement, security and intelligence agencies have successfully undertaken similar initiatives earlier.

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16 August 2016 13:56

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