Book Most High-Profile crimes of the XXI century in Russia by Head of Media Relations of Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin published

The book Most High-Profile Crimes of the XXI Century in Russia by Head of Media Relations of the Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin will be out in September 2016. This is a unique book telling about the work of the Investigative Committee in the first person. Based on criminal files alone and moving on together with the characters of the book through the probes, the author gives the reader a lot of details of a difficult, important, but interesting profession of an investigator. As the rules of detective stories go, the reader can personally examine the facts the investigator gets in the course of the probe and is able to think over this or that case by themselves.

Everything in the book is not only based on true stories, but represents authentic criminal cases that shook Russia. Real criminals, murderers, victims and the most importantly – step-by-step work of investigators untangling the most complicated crimes of the recent years.

Without embellishing or adding to it, the author presents each of the cases as if it were a gripping detective story, not afraid of describing the crime scenes and emotions of those involved in the maximum realistic and truthful way. Considering that the book contains some violent scenes reader discretion is advised.

This is the first book by Mr. Markin from his series The Mysteries of the Investigative Committee which includes 5 documentary stories of the most high-profile cases investigated by the Investigative Committee from the first day of its existence and up until now: the story of Kushchevka gang, the case of Taganrog maniac, grand stealing of budget funds in Moscow Region, murder of Anna Politkovskaya and death of Bulgaria MV passengers.

Addressing the readers, Mr. Markin says: “This book is not about the triumph of evil, it is about the battle with evil. The battle led by the investigators of the Investigative Committee, for them this is the job and at the same time a fight with a strong and cunning enemy requiring tremendous commitment and exertion. But with all the difficulties there are, it still ends with the victory. This is the main idea of the book – there should not be any room for evil in our lives. But it will not go away willingly, too tempting the slippery path is for those who have sold their souls to the demons of money and lawlessness. This is why there are knights of good and justice going to battle the criminals, and they are the central characters of my book.”

“My book is about how infamous cases were really investigated. It is about investigators who solved complex criminal puzzles. This is why there is a lot of information which has never been revealed before, journalists call it an exclusive story. The difference is that the information is given not to make a sensation, but to tell the truth. This will let the reader to get inside the life situations which can hardly be invented by most talented story writers. The truth is better than any phantasy.”