Russian Investigative Committee sends requests of legal assistance related to doping scandal probes

The RF Investigative Committee continues investigating criminal cases against former director of Anti-Doping Center (Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory) Grigory Rodchenkov and individuals who worked as managers in the Russian Athletic Federation (Rusathletics) in 2009-2013.

WADA still has not presented any concrete evidence that Russian athletes used doping. Moreover, The Investigative Committee has not received any reply to the requests of legal assistance sent to Canada, USA and Switzerland.

As for the investigation opened following media reports that Russian athletes had used doping, the Investigative Committee has no evidence that Russian sport officials were involved in the dealing of prohibited drugs among Russian athletes.

Rodzhenkov, as the head of the Anti-Doping Center answered only to the World Anti-Doping Agency. This is why the investigators have reasons to believe that he might have received the order to get rid of the doping samples from somebody in the WADA administration. This version will be considered along with others. By the way, the fact that we still don’t have any evidence probing that Russian athletes used doping speaks for its version.

To look into all this, the investigators need to interview WADA president Craig Reedie and the independent expert Richard McLaren who made a report for the organization. Requests for legal assistance will be sent to competent bodies of foreign states.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                   V.I. Markin 

23 August 2016 18:23

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