Forensic Research Institute set up in Investigative Committee Academy

The Forensic Research Institute (FRI) has been set up in the Academy of the RF Investigative Committee on the initiative of Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin.

The FRI is needed for investigative practice. Scientific research based on the materials of investigative and court practice combined with educational process in the Academy will allow the institute to become the leading center for forensic science in Russia.

In addition to chief staff the FRI has leading and senior staff scientists. The studies are planned to be conducted in the following fields: tactics and methods, forensic equipment for investigation of crimes, forensic inquiries.

The FRI will continue the traditions established at the research institute of the USSR Prosecutor’s Office – All-Union Forensic Research Institute founded in 1949. For many years it developed and adopted scientific and technical and best tactical methods of solving and investigating crimes and studied the development of the forensic science.

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