In Rostov Region, investigators take measures to protect payment rights of miners

The Rostov Region Office of the Investigative Committee was investigating 7 cases against CEO of KINGCOAL, a limited liability company, Vladimir Pozhidayev and the management of the companies involved in the holding: CEO of Zamchalovsky anthracite, a public corporation, Sergei Shpilko; CEO of Kingcoal South, a limited liability company – manager of Almaznaya coal mine company, a public company, Viktor Rybakov; CEO of Gukovpogruztrans, a close corporation, Vladimir Dolbnya; CEO of Rostovgormash, a close corporation, Svyatoslav Kudryukov; CEO of Rostovgormash, a close corporation, Pavel Mayorov; CEO of Almaznaya coal mine company, a public company, Sergei Voyevodin. Depending on the role of each one they were charged with crimes under Article 145.1 (overdue wages), Article 201 (abuse of power), Article 199.1 (failure to pay taxes), Article 199.2 of the RF Penal Code (concealment of money or assets of an organization against which the recovery of taxes is levied) committed in 2013-2015.

According to investigators, in 2013-2015 Pozhidayev and CEOs of the said companies violated the current laws when they did not pay wages to their workers or pay taxes. In the same period of time the director of the holding abused his power when he sold products of Zamchalovsky anthracite and Almaznaya coal company and did not transferred the money to them.

The investigators have questioned over 1,000 people and recognized 600 workers as victims; have carried out over 100 confiscations and searches in different regions of Russia in order to get hold of accounting and financial documents which was then processed; in all cases measures have been taken to arrest the property of the accused and to reimburse the damage. This way, the investigators have ensured that all 50 million rubles of debt was paid off.

By now sentences have already been passed over Shpilko, Rybakov and Dolbnya. The latter has been released under amnesty. In addition, investigations were stopped against Kundryukov and Mayorov due to amnesty and decriminalization respectively. The cases against Pozhidayev charged with overdue wages and abuse of power and Voyevodin charged with a tax crime are being tried.

It should be noted that the Rostov Region Office of the Investigative Committee continues investigating a crime under Part 2 of Article 145.1 of the RF Penal Code over about 300 million rubles of overdue wages between May 2015 and April 2016 to workers of the organizations incorporated in KINGCOAL (Almaznaya coal mine company, Zamchalovsky anthracite, Rostovgormash, SpetsUgleStroy, Empire of Cleanness, Drift Miner, GukovTelekom, GukovInfokov, Central Electric Grid Company, KINGCOAL-YUG).

Investigative operations are underway to identify certain periods and sums of overdue wages to each of the worker and to determine whether the managers of the companies had had real opportunity to pay the wages.

Investigations into overdue wages are always under special control of the Investigative Committee’s senior officials as there are always certain people and real people responsible for the crimes there behind impersonalized sums and tight-filled purses. The main mission of investigative authorities is not only bringing managers of indebted companies to justice, but compensating for the damage in full.