Investigative Committee takes steps to protect children from cybercrimes

Observance of rights and keeping legal interests of children are always a top priority for the Investigative Committee. The Committee’s investigators detect and prevent cybercrimes against children.

Unfortunately, this type of crime has recently become very widespread, so that there is hardly a region in Russia where there is no case against persons inclining children to lechery and passing them videos and pictures of intimate character online.

The principle authority that detects materials banned under the Russian laws (including child pornography) and illegally posted online is the Russian communication and IT oversight agency, Roskomnadzor. If websites containing such materials are found they are blocked immediately while the information gets to law-enforcement bodies. The Investigative Committee has successfully investigated vast majority of such criminal cases. The guilty ones have been identified and prosecuted.

At the same time, Committee’s investigators in cooperation with representatives of operative services and state authorities have taken steps to not only identify and prosecute perpetrators, but to prevent such crimes as well. Among other preventive measures, in each of such cases the investigators request that schools avert children from becoming victims to such crimes and explain to their parents what social dangers there are in the Internet.

The Investigative Committee is going to do its best to protect miners from crimes by improving its protective and preventive mechanisms.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                     V.I. Markin