Book Most High-Profile crimes of the XXI century in Russia published

The book Most High-Profile Crimes of the XXI Century in Russia by Head of Media Relations of the Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin has been published.

This is the first book by Mr. Markin from his series The Mysteries of the Investigative Committee which includes 5 documentary stories of the most high-profile cases investigated by the Investigative Committee from the first day of its existence and up until now: the story of Kushchevka gang, the case of Taganrog maniac, grand stealing of budget funds in Moscow Region, murder of Anna Politkovskaya and death of Bulgaria MV passengers.

Everything in the book is based on the files of cases investigated by the Investigative Committee. It gives the reader a glimpse of what remained behind the scenes for a long time and what was not allowed to talk about.  The author presents each of the cases as if it were a gripping detective story, not afraid of describing the crime scenes and emotions of those involved in the maximum realistic and truthful way.  Considering that the book contains some violent scenes reader discretion is advised.

Mr. Markin is to give a press conference today at the Russian Today, an international multimedia press center, where he will present the book: Most High-Profile Crimes of the XXI Century in Russia

01 September 2016 17:20

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