Council of young investigators formed in Investigative Committee

The Investigative Committee’s Council of Young Investigators has been formed by an order of the Chairman of the RF Investigative Committee for open discussion of problems that can arise in the course of young investigators’ work, issues in their professional development and for searching for ways to solve those problems.

The new deliberative body will have some important missions, including assisting to spread best practices. New forms and methods of work for professional development of young investigators, submitting proposals on better forms and methods of work, management system and education in the Investigative Committee, revising the issues related to professional education and development, corporate and general culture of young investigators, keeping of the Oath, Code of Ethics and Official Conduct of the federal state servants of the Investigative Committee, working out proposals on better quality of state patriotic education and others.

The Council includes investigators aged under 35 years serving in investigative bodies and who have experience between 1 and five years inclusive. Representatives of regional state authorities, local governments, non-governmental and other organizations, veterans of investigative authorities, employees of the Investigative Committee’s central office and guests of honor will be invited to take part in meetings of the Council following suggestions of the members and the decision of the Investigative Committee’s Chairman.

According to the order of the Investigative Committee’s Chairman similar councils will be established in regional and specialized investigative offices to handle the issues of young specialists’ professional development.

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