First meeting of Young Investigators Council held in Investigative Committee

The first meeting of the Young Investigators’ Council, a recently established deliberative body, was held today at the RF Investigative Committee. The Council was formed to discuss problems young investigators face during their service, their professional development and to find ways to solve those problems.

The meeting was attended by Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin, his deputies, assistants, heads and staff of the units of the Investigative Committee’s central office, young investigators of Moscow Directorate, Moscow Region Directorate, Moscow Interregional Transport Investigation Office.

Opening the event, Mr. Bastrykin said that the Council was created “to discuss specific pressing problems that arise in investigators’ activity, to listen to investigators’ opinion, to understand their problems and make proper managerial decisions.” He added that “the profession of an investigator gives not only extensive rights, but places great responsibility as an investigator holds fates of those involved in the prosecution in their hands. And most importantly an investigator has to have strong morality, firmness and integrity.” He also added that “bringing to life the principle of unavoidability of punishment investigators of the Investigative Committee together with their colleagues from operative divisions of the Federal Security Service and the Interior Ministry have solved almost 40,000 crimes over the past 5 and a half years, including more than 3,500 murders. Young investigators have contributed great deal in that. The quality of our work has risen indeed.”

Acting head of the Organization and Inspection Directorate Aleksandr Skryabin, head of the Education Office Sergei Petrov, criminal investigator of Southwestern Transport Investigation Unit of the Moscow Interregional Transport Investigation Office Mikhail Marchkov and other representatives of regional investigative authorities also presented their reports.

Participants of the first meeting talked about problems that young investigators face on the first stages of their work. Special attention was paid to the application and improvement of criminal procedure laws, development of tutorship in the Investigative Committee, training of graduates from regional universities how to be investigators, workload and social problems of young investigators.

Having exchanged opinions and discussed the said problems, members of the council made a number of proposals concerning higher level of social and psychological culture and professionalism of beginner investigators. This way, it was proposed to develop a program for supporting young investigators and to design criteria to assess their work.

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee gave some recommendations to young investigators and instructed heads of Committee’s divisions to submit proposals for solving the said problems.

At the end of the event, Mr. Bastrykin reminded that criteria of investigator’s work were legality and justice, and wished that such meetings were held more frequently to interact with all investigators in regions.