Russian Investigative Committee Chairman signs agreement on cooperation with RF Human Rights Ombudsman

Chairman of the RF Investigative Committee and Human Rights Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova have signed today an agreement on cooperation in observing, protecting and restoring violated human rights and freedoms.

During the meeting Mr. Bastrykin pointed out that “specific character of the work done by the Investigative Committee and the Human Rights Ombudsman in Russia is such that the two agencies are always in the spotlight as they protect citizens and their rights each day. There is no doubt that the agreement we signed today will bring our cooperation to a higher level for protecting rights and interests of citizens, society and state and to improve current laws on prevention of harmful acts.”

Additionally, the Chairman named statistical data on the percentage of crimes solved and said about additional channels for relations between the agency and the population. “We are actively using latest creations of forensic science and modern methods of investigation and attained that 93% of murders and infliction of grievous bodily harm and 97% of rapes are solved. This is why those who fell victims to unlawful actions tend to come to us for help. We have public reception offices of the Investigative Committee Chairman, help lines, an on-line reception offices and a direct telephone line with the Chairman so that people in regions can reach us. All this undoubtedly builds up the trust to the agency and helps us getting positive results. More trust from people is the main indicator of our work and we make maximum effort to do it efficiently.”

Ms. Moskalkova supported the Chairman’s opinion about the necessity of higher public trust and added that “only attention to people’s problems will allow protecting their rights efficiently.” She also said that the institution of the RF Human Rights Ombudsman has a lot of power, including the opportunity to appeal for the RF Supreme Court to cancel sentences or other court decisions, to check materials of preliminary investigative checks or to appeal to the Russian Constitutional Court.

The agreement the two officials signed, provides for the cooperation between the RF Investigative Committee and the Human Rights Ombudsman in restoring violated rights of citizens; protecting rights of socially unprotected citizens, including orphans and neglected children; protecting rights of criminal trespass survivors; legal education; information exchange; improving the laws. It also provides for joint events such as: round tables, working meetings and workshops. The parties discussed other forms of collaboration for the protection of human fights and the Investigative Committee within its competence is ready to provide information, documents and materials necessary to restore rights at the request of the Ombudsman and to submit offers on prevention of violation of rights and freedoms so that the Ombudsman can put them in her reports.

The parties expressed confidence that implementation of the agreement would promote closer cooperation in more efficient laws on prevention of wrongdoings among other areas.

Acting Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                  S.L. Petrenko