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Investigative Committee Academy to host international conference

An international conference: Results of the Nuremberg Trials and Modern-Time Challenges will take place on 24 November 2016, at the Academy of the RF Investigative Committee.

Legal and historical aspects of the results of the Nuremberg trials, their significance and effect on historical consciousness and modern international law, as well as countering the ignoring and twisting of its ruling are planned to be discussed during the conference.

To take part in the conference you should submit an application and theses (blank and model theses: before 21 November 2016.

Please, send materials to

Conract person: Vasily V. Bychkov, tel.: 8 919 774 23 96

The conference will begin at 10 AM.

Venue: Moscow, Vrubelya Street, 12.

14 November 2016 08:50

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