Statement on investigation opened against officials and law-enforcement officers of Kemerovo Region

The RF Investigative Committee keeps on collecting and documenting evidence proving that employees of the Kemerovo Region Office of the Investigative Committee and officials were involved in extortion.

We are working hard and we cannot say right now that they are guilty, so big words that the charges being pressed are absurd make us perplexed, all the more said by those who know nothing about the case materials.

When we opened the investigation we realized the responsibility for the suspicions so we made statements on involvement of the suspects in wrongdoings based on the materials gathered by legal means, including those received from an inquiry authority.

It is most likely that the suspects will have a lot of potential defenders, this is why we are asking all those wishing to make resounding speeches about the case – do wait for the results of the investigation and do not cover crimes with interests of people or any other high-flown categories. I also remind that only a court will be able to finish the case.

Acting Head of Media Relations                                                                                                          S.L. Petrenko