In Moscow, ex-head of Vnukovo Airport customs station arrested on suspicion of abuse of office

The Moscow Interregional Transport office of the RF Investigative Committee continues the investigation opened against former acting deputy head of Vnukovo customs – chief of the Vnukovo Airport customs station Roman Kurzenkov, acting head of special customs procedures office No 4 Mikhail Fast, deputy head of special customs procedures office No 3 Alexey Plitin, chief state customs inspector Igor Kudryashov and other yet unidentified officials of the Vnukovo customs. They are charged with abuse of power entailing grave consequences under part 3, item “c” of Article 286 of the RF Penal Code.

According to investigators, Kurzenkov and Latskikh together with other persons organized a channel for illegal import of goods by passengers via green corridor of the Vnukovo customs station. Other officials of the customs – Fast, Plitin and Kudryashov were also involved. All of them realized that their actions were beyond their official powers.

From 7 January to 3 March 2016, 12 passengers of the flight from Istanbul to Moscow used that corridor to import goods to the territory of the Customs Union. On 4 March, Plitin and Kudryashov let through 13 passengers of another regular flight with Turkish-made goods on them. On the same day the goods were confiscated and sent to a commodity examination. According to a conclusion made by an expert, 800 kilos of factory-packed women’s clothes with identical code numbers is worth almost 7 million rubles.

The investigators believe that not having respective authority, Kurzenkov cleared the passengers of the said flights in person having suspended rank-and-file officials from doing their duties in the green corridor. This way he prevented them from seeing his wrongdoings.

The investigators have located Kurzenkov who was internationally wanted. He was detained yesterday by RF law enforcement authorities upon trying to cross the border to Kazakhstan via a checkpoint in Omsk Region. A court has ruled to take him in custody pending trial and soon he is going to be charged.

A number of operations have been organized to collect and document the evidence and to identify other accomplices to the crime. The investigation is ongoing.