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Probe launched in crimes committed by Ukraine’s military forces

The Office for investigation of crimes related to the use of prohibited ways and methods of warfare of the Investigative Committee’s Head Office has found out earlier not known instances on which Ukrainian military servants shelled civilian population.

From September to November 2016, commander of the 53rd separate mechanized brigade colonel Alexander Gruzevich, commander of the 58th separate motorized infantry brigade lieutenant colonel Mikhail Drapaty, commander of the 128th separate mountain infantry brigade colonel Sergei Shaptal, commander of the 40th separate artillery brigade colonel Sergei Panchenko, commander of the 56th separate mechanized brigade colonel Sergei Perets and other people from the Ukrainian Armed Forces and National Guard, were following knowingly criminal orders of high-ranking officials of the Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense when they opened aimed fire from heavy weapons on civilian infrastructure which was not a military target in settlements of the self-declared People’s Republic of Donetsk. The shelling killed 2 people, wounded 20 more, destroyed and damaged more than 100 homes and other buildings.

It was also established that commander of the 36th separate marine brigade of Naval Forces of Ukraine colonel Dmitry Delyatitsky and his subordinates were following knowingly criminal orders of superior commanders and officers of the Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense and National Guard when they shelled from heavy weapons the settlement of Kominternovo, Donetsk region of Ukraine on 25 June 2016. The shelling damaged a power line and two children died of electrocution.  

It should be noted that the shelling came during a ceasefire under the Agreement of Trilateral Contact Group which was breached by Ukraine on multiple occasions.

The investigators have initiated criminal proceedings against the said commanders of Ukrainian Armed Forces suspected of the use of prohibited ways and methods of warfare under Part 1 of Article 356 of the RF Penal Code.

At the same time, commander of the 54th separate mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces lieutenant colonel Vladimir Gorbatyuk who organized and headed the aimed shelling of Petrovsky District of the city of Donetsk that wounded a woman, has been charged in absentia.

The RF Investigative Committee is looking into the said crimes guided by both the international and Russian laws, which allows prosecuting foreign citizens for crimes committed outside our country in case if they went unpunished. Moreover, such crimes have no time of limitation. Our investigators are going to take all possible steps so that both perpetrators and those who ordered the crimes committed against civilians are brought to justice sooner or later.

28 November 2016 14:00

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