In Karelia, debt collector to stand trial for wresting debts from day care center teacher

The Karelia Office of the Investigative Committee has finished criminal proceedings against a 25-year-old employee of a debt collecting agency from the city of Novosibirsk. He is charged with crimes under part 2 of Article 330 and Part 1 of Article 207 of the RF Penal Code (arbitrariness and knowingly false report on an act of terrorism).

According to investigators, on 21 April 2016, the accused while being an employee of a debt collecting agency used illegal ways to collect a debt from a woman from the town of Petrozavodsk. Wresting the debt, the man called 38 times to a day care center the woman worked in, threatening to commit a terrorist attack if she did not pay the debt. At the time the woman owed about 65,000 rubles. After the threat of the terrorist attack, all 262 inmates and 46 workers of the facility were evacuated immediately, but no explosive device was found in the building.

The investigators together with operative agents of the Karelia Office of the Federal Security Service identified the suspect who then was in the city of Novosibirsk. The investigator went to Novosibirsk and together with agents of the Novosibirsk Region Office of the Federal Security Service held the man and escorted him to Petrozavodsk. A court ruled to take him in custody pending trial.

At present, the investigators have enough evidence so the criminal case with the signed indictment will soon be referred to court.