In Moscow, investigators looking into consequences under which family got improper tourist services

The Moscow Directorate of the Investigative Committee has opened an investigation in a crime under part 2 of Article 238 of the RF Penal Code (provision of services that do not meet safety standards).

According to investigators, a woman wanted to travel with her children aged 12 and 5 to the island of Crete in Greece. In February 2013, she concluded a contract with a travel agency in Moscow that committed to provide them with a tourist package which included flights from Moscow to Crete and back, accommodation in a hotel, transfer, meals, insurance and a guide.

The woman with children arrived on Crete on 5 May 2013, checked in the hotel where Dutch national Sirino Fernando Benjamin Wilhelmus Shraiver who was an entertainer at the hotel stole some personal things from the elder boy. To conceal the crime he stabbed the boy at least 20 times.

Earlier the investigators looked into an attempted murder of the child and staling from him, but the charges were dropped as a court on Crete sentenced Shraiver to be committed in a psychiatric clinic for 11 years and 6 months for the said crime.

During the probe the investigators have issued a warrant recognizing the woman and her sons the injured party.

The investigators are carrying out necessary investigative and procedural operations to find out all the circumstances surrounding the crime, among other things they are going to question managers and employees of the travel agency. The investigation is ongoing.  

28 November 2016 16:05

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