In Moscow Region, investigators hold two suspects of unsafe services that killed three in house in Podolsk District

The Moscow Region Office of the Investigative Committee continues investigating provision of services that do not meet safety standards and entailed death of two or more people by negligence under part 3 of Article 238 of the RF Penal Code.

As became known earlier, on 10 January 2017, the Podolsk District police department got a report that dead bodies of three local residents (two men and a woman) had been found in flats of a building in Kirov Street. In addition, 6 local residents (including three minors) had been delivered to Podolsk town hospital (resuscitation department) from the same house and were diagnosed with inhalation of domestic gas.

Investigators have revealed that OOO PPS TeKh, a limited liability company was responsible for checking technical condition of ventilation and chimneys in that building. In accordance with the current laws, chimneys have to be checked at least once a quarter of a year and ventilation once a year. However, responsible officials had not run proper checks for a long time and had written certificates that it was impossible to get inside flats of the building. The chimneys had not been checked or cleaned for years.

The engineer and supervisor of OOO PPS TeKh have been detained on suspicion of the crime. They are now expecting a restraint.

At present, the investigators are working to find out all the circumstances surrounding the crime and to identify other people involved in it.