In Amur Region, probes launched in media reports on strip contest at night club

The Amur Region Office of the Investigative Committee has opened two investigations after mass media reported on 6 March 2017 that a night club in the town of Blagoveshchensk held a trip contest featuring an underage girl.

One of the investigators was opened in compulsion of a minor to perform sexual actions under Part 2 of Article 133 and exploitation of a minor for making pornography under Part 1 of Article 242.2 of the RF Penal Code. Investigators are going to assess the actions of the club’s owners and administration who authorized a strip contest during which an underage girl got completely naked and got cash for that.

The second case deals with violation of privacy by a person using their position under Part 2 of Article 137 of the RF Penal Code. The investigators are going to assess the actions of the administration of news outlet’s website that spread the information using photos and videos of the girl without her consent and emphasized that she was underage in order to get more viewers.

In addition, the investigators are going to pay attention to the girl’s living conditions, her upbringing and education by parents. Necessary steps will be taken if any violations have been found.

The investigative authorities are highly concerned about the incident as the younger generation tends to disregard moral norms more frequently. An important role in developing their personality should be played by those who raise them and are responsible for not only their physical health, but for their moral principles.