Criminal investigation against school headmaster guilty of negligence, which lead to death of teenager, concluded in Komi Republic

The Komi Republic Office of the Russian Investigative Committee has concluded a criminal investigation against a school headmaster of a School No.43 in Vorkuta, who is being accused of negligence, which resulted in a death of a person under Part 2 of Article 293 of the RF Penal Code.

According to investigators, a 12-year-old teenager and his 11-year-old partner killed their contemporary on 3 February 2017. All three of the teenagers studied at School No.43. According to investigators, the tragedy was caused by conflict between the teenagers and hostile relationship.

The headmaster knew about the conflict between the teenagers and didn’t interfere to change the mind of the teenagers, nor took any actions to resolve the conflict and defend the affected child against wrongful actions.

In January 2017 the headmaster knew that the 12-year-old teenager tried to steal the money from the teacher’s purse when she left the classroom, but he was stopped, but she didn’t report him to police and juvenile affairs commission to put the teenager on the watch list and carry out proper educational work in order to prevent further crimes and wrongdoings.

Having the immediate threat to live and health of the affected teenager (the 12-year-old teenager threatened with knife to the affected on a lesson led by the headmaster, when she left the classroom on 1 February), she didn’t report the incident to police, parents of the person of interest and didn’t provide fast response to this threat.

The headmaster’s negligence resulted into death of a child.

According to investigation, a fight has taken place between the pupils. The 12-year-old teenager stabbed several times the affected into different body parts. The child died at the scene. Then, the attackers buried the body, which was found later.

The investigation in homicide of a child under Item C of Part 2 of Article 105 of the RF Penal Code is underway.

The juvenile affairs commission is request a court to put the attackers in juvenile custody pending trial, which will take place soon. After the tragedy, attackers and their parents left the settlement of Eletsky of Vorkuta Urban Area. The teenagers are currently studying at home. Individual psychological work is underway.

The investigation gathered enough evidence, the criminal case against the headmaster with indictment in negligence is being approved and referred to a court.