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In Moscow Region, two men convicted in abduction and homicide of girl in Reutov 13 years ago

The evidence gathered by investigators of the Moscow Directorate of the Investigative Committee is seen as sufficient by court to pronounce a sentence to 33-year-old Roman Burenko and 36-year-old Andrei Volkov. In dependence of their role they are found guilty of crimes under item C of Part 2 of Article 105 (homicide of a child) and Items A and E of Part 2 of Article 126 of the RF Penal Code (abduction of a child).

The investigators and a court have revealed that on 19 April 2003, the 13-year-old schoolgirl was located in a yard of a multi-storey building in the town of Reutov. The conflict has appeared between her and two 15 and 16-year old girls. The girl was beat up in a conflict, the attackers took and burned her clothes. One of the accused witnessed the conflict and due to hostile relationship to her and willing to impose physical and psychological threat on her, decided to abduct girl. In order to achieve that he instigated several teenagers so that they interfered in the conflict. The accomplices approached the naked girl, grabbed her by arms and body and dragged to a rear seat of a car. In motion, they decided to impose more fear into a girl and trapped her in a boot of a car. They arrived to a NovoderevenskoyeCemetery, where she kept her for 6 more hours. At some moment, one of the convicted decided to commit a murder of a girl due to hostility to her. He found a rock and hit the girl 4 times with it in the head. The girl got knocked down to the ground and stopped showing vital signs. The convicted made sure that she is dead and dragged the naked body of a girl into ravine in the nearby forest. Then they fled the scene on a car.

It is worth noting that this case for a long time was unsolved and the criminal investigation about disappearance of girl was in an archive of the police. When the Chairman of the Russian Investigative Committee ordered reclaiming and examining of such cases, the Moscow Region Office of the Russian Investigative Committee launched a probe in homicide of 13-years-old schoolgirl, who disappeared in the town of Reutov in 2002. The investigators carried out a lot of work to find and locate witnesses of the incident, as well as persons involved in the crime.

Piece by piece the investigator recreated the consequences surrounding the crime and gathered evidence proving involvement of perpetrators, and disproving their arguments by questioning of witnesses. Many forensic tests were carried out and large volumes of data were requested from various agencies and institutions.

Several times Burenko tried to get the investigation off the track and get rid of accusation in the homicide. The legal side of the case was complicated by the fact, that the body of the girl was never found. Investigative operations and criminal intelligence disproved version that the girl is still alive.

The court has convicted Burenko to 15 years and 3 months of a maximum security prison and Volkov to 5 years of maximum security prison.

18 April 2017 15:57

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