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In Sverdlovsk Region, man accused of attempted murder of child put in custody following investigator's request

The Sverdlovsk Region Office of the Investigative Committee continues criminal investigation in attempted homicide of a child. The 39-year-old ex-con resident of Yekaterinburg is accused of attempted homicide of a child under Part 3 of Article 30 and Item C, Part 2 of Article 105 of the RF Penal Code.

According to investigators, in the evening on 18 April 2017, the accused being drunk several times hit his 5-year-old son against asphalt on the crossroads of Krasnykh Komandirov and Kosmonavtov Streets. The accused was stopped by passer-bys, who witnessed this outrageous crime. The child was saved thanks to prompt and decisive interference of citizens. Currently, medical aid is being rendered to the boy.

Specialized investigative group was established by order of management of the Sverdlovsk Region Office of Investigative Committee in order to conduct thorough investigation and find out all the consequences of the incident. The group includes investigators from several investigative offices of Yekaterinburg and a investigator-criminologist of the regional Investigative Committee.

The investigators have revealed that the accused and his common-law wife and three children live in Yekaterinburg. The family is not listed in the monitoring list, both parents are employed.

In the evening of 18 April, the accused took his son from the kindergarten. On the way home he called his partner and said that he is going home. In the evening, the mother of a child called once again the man, but ambulance workers, who informed the woman about the incident, responded to the call. She immediately arrived to the scene, her child was hospitalized.

The accused was located and detained in the evening of 19 April. The same day he was put in custody. Currently, the Investigative Committee investigator sent a request to a court to put the man in custody pending trial.

Necessary investigative operations are currently underway to determine all the consequences surrounding the incident, as well as to collect and prove evidence. Forensic tests are being carried out to determine harm done to the health of the child. Witnesses are being questioned, characteristics of the family are being gathered. Criminal investigation is ongoing.

Considering the committed crime, past of the accused (he was convicted previously, including in inflicting bodily harm) and other consequences, the investigator has requested a court to put the man in custody. According to investigation, such restraint is the most adequate, as the man is accused in major crime against a small child, who is dependant on him due to the age kinship.

A court accepted investigators’ request and put the man in custody pending trial. Thus, for the duration of investigation, the accused is isolated from the society and most importantly, from his family with 3 children. This decision is the strictest, but it defends rights of the children. The criminal investigation is ongoing.

Justified legal assessment to actions of the medical staff, as well as police must be carried out, to find out how rapid they responded, how fast medical workers reported the incident to the police, and how the police responded to that outrageous crime against defenceless child. Obviously, examining and assessment must be carried out immediately.

Additionally, the investigators will look into work of child protection services, negligence of which could result into violation of children rights and a crime in the large family. Also, legal assessment to actions of the child protections services will be done to find out how necessity of putting the family on monitoring list was determined. 

21 April 2017 14:10

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