Attacks on doctors under criminal investigation in Moscow and Leningrad Regions

The Moscow Investigative Directorate of the Russian Investigative Committee has a criminal investigation against a 35-year-old man in attack on ambulance workers and threat of murder or infliction of grave injuries to health under Article 116 and Article 119 of the RF Penal Code.

According to investigators, in the evening of 22 April 2017, the ambulance arrived to an apartment, located at Vasilisy Kozhinoy Street in Moscow, where they rendered aid to a drunk 35-year-old man. The man turned aggressive against ambulance workers and started throwing furniture at them, inflicting bodily injuries to the medical staff. Arrived police stopped the man.

The Leningrad Region Office of the Investigative Committee also continues criminal investigation, launched by Police, against local woman, who is suspected in battery committed through ruffian-like motives under Article 116 of the RF Penal Code.

According to investigators, on 22 April 2017, ambulance medical assistant arrived to an apartment located on Bykova Street in the settlement of Pavlovo, Vsevolozhsk District, where men and women drank alcohol beverages. A women attacked the medical assistant while medical aid was being rendered to her, the woman kicked the back of the assistant several times, inflicting body injuries.

Investigative operations are underway to find out all the consequences surrounding the incidents. Criminal investigations are ongoing.