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Director of Akademia Robinzonov private camp for children, accused in provision services that do not meet safety requirements, to stand trial in Altai Territory

The Altai Territory Office of the Russian Investigative Committee has concluded a criminal investigation against the director of the Turisticheskoye Agentstvo “Shulzhik“, organizer of the children recreation tent camp “Akedemia Robinzonov” Anatoly Shulzhik. He is accused in providing services that do not meet safety requirements, leading to death of a person under Item C, Part 2 of Article 238 of the RF Penal Code.

The investigators have revealed that Shulzhik, registered as an individual entrepreneur in Kemerovo Region, provided recreation services for children. He transported them to AltayTerritory to the bank of KatunRiver, where they lived in the tent camp. On 20 June 2016, a 13-years-old boy was sent to the Akademia Robinzonov tent camp, which was temporary situated in the bank of KatunRiver in AltaiTerritory, by a ticket as a child of an employee, who worked in a company with which Shulzhikn enclosed a deal for children recreation. On 23 June a child, being unsupervised by Shulzhik, as he was responsible for safety of children, swung on a self-made bungee rope and fell down from the rope into the river. The boy didn’t know how to swim and the current of the river carried him down the river. The body has not been recovered.

Despite the fact that the self-made bungee rope didn’t meet safety requirements and endangered health and lives of the children, Shulzhik didn’t dismantle the bungee rope and allowed using it. Additionally, several severe violations of children recreation were found during investigation, such as people without pedagogical education, qualification and documented confirmation of health condition were allowed to work with children, as well as understaffing due to a large number of children in the camp, the camp also didn’t have sanitary and epidemiologic inspections and fire safety inspections. All these violations imposed threat to lives and health of children.

A court ruled out to seize activities of Akademia Robinzonov camp.

The investigators did a lot of work to gather evidence and establish cause-and-effect relations between provision of unsafe service and death of 13-year-old boy. The criminal case with the signed indictment has been referred to court.

The Russian Investigative Committee pay special attention to safety of children recreation and responds to every violation of requirements in that field. Summer holidays are right around the corner and we’d like parents to thoroughly choose places for children recreation. You should never send your children to unsafe and questionable recreation camps, including ones specialized in extreme sports with decreased safety requirements and unsupervised stay of children.

25 April 2017 08:29

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