Alexander Bastrykin takes on personal control criminal investigation in sexual assault on children in orphan’s home in Saint-Petersburg

Alexander Bastrykin ordered investigators of Head Office of the Investigative Committee to provide practical and guideline assistance in a criminal investigation in sexual assault against children from an orphan’s house in Saint-Petersburg.

The Chairman Alexander Bastrykin ordered investigators to thoroughly look into all the consequences surrounding the crimes, find out conditions and causes of the crime, as well as look into all cases against children.

Strict legal assessment to actions or inaction of people, supervising the institution will be given, as she basically witnessed crimes against children.

The Saint-Petersburg Office of the Investigative Committee has launched 8 probes in sexual assault, committed against underage persons under Part 3 of Article 132, all of them were joined into one case.

The investigators have revealed that from 2005 to 2010 a group of people committed sexual assault against 4 children born in 1991-1995 from an orphan’s house, located at Kirovsky District.

The deputy headmaster, two leavers of the home, one relative, one employee of the orphan’s home, as well as headmaster are currently detained. A court has approved request of the investigators to put the accused in custody pending trial.