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Russian Investigative Committee to achieve calling Arseniy Yatsenyuk accountable for committed crimes

The Russian Investigative Committee continues investigating crimes committed against servicemen of the Russian Military Forces and Interior Troops of the Ministry of the Interior in the Chechen Republic.

The Russian Investigative Committee has evidence of participation of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk at least in two armed clashes that took place on 31 December 1994 on Minutka Square in the city of Grozny and in February 1995, as well as tortures and execution of captive servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces in Oktyabrsky District, Grozny on 7 January 1995.

Yatsenyuk was put on international wanted list due to accusation in especially major crimes. Additionally, the Russian Investigative Committee prepared materials for further referring to the Interpol.

The Russian Investigative committee is going to achieve to call Yatsetnyuk accountable for criminal liability according to Russian legislation using all legal assets, provided by the international laws.

Official spokesperson for the RF Investigative Committee S.L. Petrenko

29 April 2017 11:21

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