Chairman of Investigative Committee orders carrying out procedural inspection in housing development on Molodi Field

The Chairman of the Russian Investigative Committee ordered the Head of the Moscow Investigative Directorate of Investigative Committee to carry out procedural inspection in housing development by a Saint-Petersburg building company on Molodi Field.

A federal TV-channel broadcasted a story that a building company transported heavy construction vehicles onto historical place.

Alexander Bastrykin ordered to give comprehensive legal assessment to actions of building company’s senior executives and officials that approved construction works on Molodi Field, as well as investigate into passing the ground area to the company.

These grounds are of historical significance to Russia. The victory over Crimean khan troops in the Battle of Molodi, which took place in XVI century, was key in keeping statehood of Muscovy. We must keep these grounds as they are as they are of cultural and historical significance to future generations.