Investigative Committee’s St. Petersburg Academy hosts meeting of Academic Senate

The Investigative Committee Academy in St. Petersburg has today hosted a meeting of the Academic Senate headed by Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin.

The meeting was also attended by head of the Committee’s logistics office Colonel of Justice Rif Gaifutdinov and acting director of the Investigative Committee’s Cadet School in St. Petersburg Dmitry Kizilov.

The issues on the agenda were execution of Chairman’s orders and the tasks set for the Academy in 2017, performance of the Academic Senate, development of equipment and resources, repair and restoration of the campus and implementation of plans to create the Investigative Committee’s Cadet School in Saint Petersburg.

As training cadets is the first step in training future investigators in Investigative Committee’s educational institutions, the Academic Senate discussed additional training of cadets in order to prepare them to join Investigative Committee’s institutions of higher education. The Senate also talked about creation of highly professional teaching staff and modern resources for the cadet school.

The Chairman drew the Senate’s attention to the necessity of the Military and Patriotic Education Center at the Academy, to social equality during accepting candidates to the Academy and the cadet school, to ensuring safety of the students, to development of the Academy’s international cooperation, to submitting to financial discipline for the development of the Academy’s campus. He also made proposes on further organization of the Academy’s activity.

Mr. Bastrykin congratulated the Academy’s staff on the coming Victory Day, thanked them for the positive results and wished further success.

In addition, he held a briefing at the Saint Petersburg Directorate of the Investigative Committee to hear reports on some of the investigations underway and give a number of explicit instructions regarding those investigations.

Official spokesperson for the RF Investigative Committee                                                                       S.L. Petrenko