International Conference Countering Extremism and Terrorism held in Moscow Academy of Investigative Committee

The Moscow Academy of the Investigative Committee has today become a venue for the International Conference: Countering Extremism and Terrorism. The conference was attended by acting chancellor of the Moscow Academy Anatoly Bagmet, chancellor of the Russian Academy of Advocacy and Notarial System Gasan Mirzoyev, head of the All-Russian Police Professional Development Institution Yuri Demidov, chancellor of the Moscow Law and Finance University Aleksei Zabelin, chairman of the Union of Investigation Veterans Vladimir Dontsov and a representative of the Coordination Bureau for Countering Organized Crime in CIS states.

The forum consisted of employees of the Belorussian Investigative Committee, South Ossetia’s Prosecutor General’s Office, Russian Federal Security Service, Management Academy of the Russian Interior Ministry, All-Russian Research Institute of the Russian Interior Ministry, All-Russian Police Professional Development Institution, officials of the Investigative Committee’s divisions, scientists, postgraduate students of leading Russian universities, professors and students of the Moscow Academy.

Opening the conference, Mr. Bagmet made a welcoming address and pointed out that the conference would give result in the form of suggestions, including those of law-making nature to boost efficiency of investigating and solving extremist and terrorist crimes and would become a noticeable event in scientific community. He noted that Chairman of the Russia’s Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin underlined necessity of constant cooperation between law-enforcement authorities in preventing and revealing extremist and terrorist crimes.

Mr. Demidov made a report saying about importance of cooperation of the police and investigators in preventing the said crimes. Other reports were made by acting head of the Moscow Interregional Transport Office of the Investigative Committee Sergei Vazyulin, professor of criminal law at the Kutafin State Law University of Moscow Valery Tsepelev, professor of jurisprudence, intellectual property and forensic examination at the Bauman State Technical University of Moscow Vitaly Vekhov, professor of criminal law at the Kutafin State Law University of Moscow Samvel Kochoi, professor of criminal law, proceedings and forensics at the Moscow State Instrument Engineering and Computer Science University, deputy head of computer and engineering research department of the forensic expert office at the Investigative Committee’s Forensic Directorate Aleksei Yakovlev and other scientists.

The conference discussed problems in investigating, solving and preventing extremist and terrorist crimes and suggested amendments to the laws in this area. 




07 June 2017 15:25

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