Kalmykia investigators look into grievous bodily harm done to woman due to medical malpractice

The Kalmykia Office of the Investigative Committee has opened an investigation in providing unsafe services entailing grievous bodily harm under part 2, item “c” of Article 138 of the RF Criminal Code after poor medical services were provided by a local resident.

According to investigators, doctors failed to diagnose the woman for several years and treated her from different illnesses. All those years she suffered from severe abdominal pains. After yet another appointment she was diagnosed with a tumor and operated on. During the surgery, doctors found what caused the woman pain for so many years – a cotton pallet forgotten by surgeons in the patient’s abdominal cavity back in July 2009.

At present, investigative operations are underway to find out all the circumstances surrounding the incident. Medical documents are being confiscated and other details of the crime are being looked into. A number of forensic expert examinations have been ordered. The investigation continues.