Chairman of Investigative Committee appeals to Prosecutor General about sentence to Oksana Tkachenko

Chairman of the Investigative Committee has appealed to RF Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika concerning sentence to resident of Altai Territory Oksana Tkachenko jailed for 6 years for attempted murder of her husband.

The reason for the appeal was results of a careful analysis of copies of case files and sentence made at the Investigative Committee’s central office. The analysis showed that originally the charges were reasonably dropped, but later that decision was cancelled by a prosecutor. The investigation was resumed after one of the eye-witnesses changed their evidence and since then the whole probe had become accusatory. Neither investigators not court looked into arguments offered by the defense, looked into the victim’s personality, who had had convictions for personal crimes, found out why the key witness had gone back on their statement or analyzed all the data on the accused, whose sole intention had been to protect her child.

All that led to the fact that Tkachenko was convicted based on inadequate prejudicial and judicial inquiries. Therefore, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee offered the Prosecutor General to appeal against the sentence.

Official spokesperson for the RF Investigative Committee                                                                             S. Petrenko