7th children and youth hockey cup of Investigative Committee starts in St. Petersburg

The 7th children and youth hockey cup of the RF Investigative Committee was opened on 31 March 2017 in the town of Kolpino.

The competition held annually in Saint Petersburg is aimed at instilling patriotism in the younger generation and helps to impart healthy lifestyle to children.

Welcoming the participants, senior assistant to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee Igor Komissarov noted that “the goal of the competition is not only support and take amateur hockey competitions to professional level, but to use every opportunity to educate teenagers, to prevent misdemeanors, to help and support teenagers when they enter life.”

Guests of honor included RF Children’s Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsov, Saint Petersburg Children’s Ombudsman Svetlana Agapitova, employees of the Investigative Committee’s central office and heads of investigative authorities in Northwestern Federal District, representatives of local authorities, non-governmental and sports organizations, employees of Investigative Committee’s educational facilities and veterans.

Before the opening ceremony, the participants had laid flowers to stela Kolpino – the town of military glory built when the town was awarded this title, immortalizing feats of Kolpino townsmen in the Great Patriotic War.

Traditionally the competition opens by a match between SK Piter and Veterany of CSK. Along with officials of the Saint Petersburg Directorate of the Investigative Committee, SK Piter includes teachers and inmates of the Special Boarding School for troubled teenagers and children patronized by the Investigative Committee. According to Mr. Komissarov “this emphasizes the connection of potentials of sports, veterans, law-enforcement bodies and teachers in educating citizens and patriots of our country.”

8 teams of 10-year-old children coming from different regions of Russia will compete. Honest and tough fight will determine not only the strongest competitors, but will give a chance to each of the participants to demonstrate interesting and spectacular performance. The competition will continue for three days and will be ended by the awarding ceremony where the winner will get the Cup of the Investigative Committee. 




31 March 2017 13:48

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