Webinar on improvement of work in social media held at Investigative Committee

A webinar on pressing issues of improving forms and methods of presenting and promoting information on Investigative Committee in social media has been held today at the Investigative Committee. The event was attended by heads and deputy heads of regional divisions, their senior assistants and those responsible for media and public relations. Novelty of the webinar was participation of marketing and social media specialists – director of a leading SMM-agency Damir Khalilov and director for partner relations of a popular social media Konstantin Sidorkin.

During the meeting chaired by head of media relations of the Investigative Committee Svetlana Petrenko, the attendees discussed results of work in social media in the current year, focusing on the aspects of presenting information which should be treated with special attention.

The SMM specialists told the participants about new capabilities of social media, of which the Investigative Committee can make use of and which allow informing public about activities of the Investigative Committee more efficiently.

Ms. Petrenko drew colleagues’ attention to the necessity of attentive attitude towards complaints of citizens sent to the accounts of investigative divisions and pointed out principled position of the Investigative Committee Chairman: “Mr. Bastrykin always pays attention to complaints he gets to his official account and criticism of the Investigative Committee and its certain employees. Comments on dialogues of the Chairman with the public, including personal appointments, constantly appear in mass media and personal pages of users. Our task is to organize efficient feedback between our agency and citizens which would be foundation for greater trust of the people to the investigative Committee.”