Investigative Committee Chairman orders check into media reports on stealing money from people, including senior citizens, under pretence of renovating flats in Moscow

Alexander Bastrykin has ordered head of the Investigative Committee’s Moscow Directorate Alexander Drymanov to check media reports on stealing money from residents of a house under in Moscow under pretence of renovating flats.

A footage showed at one of federal TV channels suggests that a man promised owners of the flats, including senior citizens, to renovate their flats. After he had received large sums of money, the man disappeared. All complaints filed by senior citizens with corresponding authorities remained unanswered.

Mr. Bastrykin ordered that all the circumstances recounted in the footage should be checked in most thoroughly and the actions of the man who deceived the residents should be classified.


Spokesperson for the Investigative Committee                                                                                                   S. Petrenko