In Transbaikalian Territory, local man gets life for killing three, including girl in 2003

A court has recognized the evidence gathered by the Transbaikalian Territory Office as sufficient to convict Sergei Mikhailov, a 40-year-old resident of the town of Chita. He was found guilty of robbery-related murder of three people, including a child under Part 2, items “a”, “c”, “g”, “h” and “j” of Article 105, sexual assault and abuse under Part 3, item “c” of Article 131, Part 3 o, item “c” of Article 132 (in the variant of the RF Criminal Code of 1996) and two thefts under Article 158 of the RF Criminal Code.

The court and investigators have revealed that Mikhailov attacked a 9-year-old girl at a firing ground of a military unit in September 2003. He dragged her into a bunker, raped and strangled her there. He fled leaving the body in the bunker. In October 2005, he attacked a 20-year-old woman and killed her by stabbing some 10 times in the chest. He stole her sheepskin coat and a gold ring. In September 2016, Mikhailov with an accomplice killed a man sleeping in a car near the Ingoda River in Chita District. They stabbed the men to death and then tried to steal the car, but couldn’t get it started and set it afire.

Mikhailov was detained by investigators and police after he had killed the man in 2016. His previous crimes were solved thanks to the work skillfully done by criminalists. During preliminary investigation, DNA samples had been taken from Mikhailov and the investigators matched them to the DNA found at the scenes of unsolved crimes. Once shown the results of DNA tests, Mikhailov confessed.

The court has sentenced the man to life in prison.