In St. Petersburg, mad charged with terrorist attack in supermarket

The Saint Petersburg Directorate of the Investigative Committee has charged a man with an act of terrorist in a supermarket under Article 205 of the RF Criminal Code.

By now investigators have asked courts to place the accused in custody pending trial.

Investigative and searched operations have established that the accused made and planted an improvised explosive device. He had hidden two memory sticks not far from the crime scene containing information on the reasons why he committed the crime and some pictures of the device.

The investigative operations and expert examinations, including DNA tests, confirm that it was the accused who manufactured the explosive device and put information on the two memory sticks.

When interrogated, the man confessed the crime. He said that the motive was his hatred to organizers and adepts of psychology trainings, he had visited.

Considering the gravity of the crime and the fact that the accused has been under observation at a psychoneurological hospital, and in accordance with the criminal procedure law, the accused is going to be evaluated by forensic psychologists to determine if he has any mental disorders. The evaluation implies looking into a mental state of the man not only at the moment of the crime, but in a long period prior to it, allowing determining all events and facts that had any effect on the accused.

Spokesperson for the Investigative Committee                                                                                Svetlana Petrenko