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Investigations launched in shelling of settlements in Donbass

The Head Office of the Russian Investigative Committee has once again got enough data suggesting that military servants of the Ukraine’s Armed Forces and National Guard committed crimes. Thereby, the Investigative Committee opened two more criminal investigations in the use of prohibited means and ways of warfare under Part 1 of Article 356 of the RF Criminal Code.

According to investigators, on 9 January 2018, following orders of senior officials of the Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, the Ukraine Army and National Guard fired heavy artillery weapons at civilian infrastructure in the settlement of Sakhanka in the self-proclaimed People Republic of Donetsk to kill and severely wound civilians from motives of political and ideological hatred and enmity. 1 civilian was wounded.

Additionally, on 10 January 2018, under similar circumstances, Ukrainian military men fired artillery at civilian infrastructure in Kiyevsky District of Donetsk wounding two more civilians.

At present, investigative and search operations are underway to find out all the circumstances surrounding the crimes and to identify those involved in them.

These facts, as many others that preceded them, show that the Ukrainian military authorities continue to escalate the conflict. Despite all agreements reached, Ukraine’s soldiers keep on destroying civilian targets killing and wounding civilian population.

The Russian Investigative Committee is going to continue documenting all the crimes connected with the use of prohibited means and ways of warfare and to prosecute those involved in such crimes, until every one of them answers before the law for death and suffering of innocent civilians.

Spokesperson for the Investigative Committee                                                                                    Svetlana Petrenko

15 January 2018 10:34

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