Violated rights of child with disabilities restored in Oryol Region thanks to measures taken by investigators

The Oryol Region Office of the Investigative Committee is looking into a case opened after a federal TV channel had shown a story about a child with disabilities who lives in the town of Oryol and can’t go outside because there is no working elevator in the house.

Violated rights of the child have been restored thanks to measures taken by investigators. Besides conducting necessary investigative operations, the investigators monitored and found a manufacturer capable of making a tailor-made elevator.

In addition, they talked over with the administration of the plant so that the elevator could be made as soon as possible, and held a number of meetings with officials of the Oryol administration to allocate money to buy this new elevator.

At present the elevator is being mounted, precomissioning and testing are underway and being controlled by the injured party and representatives of the investigative office. The investigation is going to be finished soon.