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Alexander Bastrykin congratulates Yuri Chaika and Russian Prosecutor’s Office on professional holiday

Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin on behalf of the Committee and himself personally has congratulated Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika and all employees of the Russian Prosecutor’s Office on their professional holiday.

Being an independent body not attributed to any branch of authority for some three centuries, the Prosecutor’s Office executes the most important state tasks, protecting the law in all areas of life. Prosecutor’s investigation became the foundation of the Investigative Committee which employ staffers of the Prosecutor’s Office who decided to link their lives with investigation. Efficient prosecution school has allowed employees of the Investigative Committee to keep and multiply fine traditions of investigation.

Many veterans of the Prosecutor’s office still support beginner investigators by sharing with them their valuable professional and life experience and teaching them to do their duty honestly and selflessly.

Today, our agencies stand together to protect law and rights of citizens and do it successfully.

Mr. Bastrykin wished the employees and veterans of the Prosecutor’s Office health and professional success in overseeing on behalf of the Russian Federation that the RF Constitution and other laws are observed. 

12 January 2018 10:37

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