Charges pressed and preventive measure elected for Altai citizen that committed abuses against child placed in her care.

Investigative authorities of The Investigative Committee of Russia in Altai region have pressed charges against 44-year-old citizen of Zarinski district for committing crimes prescribed in Article 112, part 2, paragraph C of The Criminal Code of The Russian Federation (Intentional infliction of injury of average gravity against a person who is in known by the offender to be helpless ) and Article 156 (Failure to Discharge the Duties of Bringing up a Minor).

According to the investigation, a resident of Zarinsky district systematically beaten up a 9-year-old boy placed in her care, thereby causing him mental and physical suffering. In September, 2018 she intentionally inflicted him injuries that caused health damage of average gravity because of his refusal to do homework.

The boy was delivered to the hospital where he is now receiving treatment of his injuries.

Moreover, according to investigation the convict having several other minors placed in her care and being obliged to supervise them exposed ill-treatment of these children and failed to discharge duties of bringing them up.

Yesterday the convict was apprehended. Today the court examined the request of the investigator of the Investigative Committee agreed with the arguments presented and elected deprivation of liberty as a preventive measure.

At the moment investigators are carrying out a complex of measures in order to establish all the circumstances. The children that were in her care were removed and placed in a healthcare institution on initiative of investigative authorities and their lifes and health are secure. Investigators are checking involvement of the convict in unlawful acts against all children placed in her care.

Apart from that investigative authorities of The Investigative Committee in Altai region are pursuing criminal case of negligence of guardianship authorities that failed to take timely action of depriving the convict of the custody that resulted in her convicting unlawful acts against a minor.

The Investigative Committee always responds immediately and firmly to violations of children's rights including children that are for any reason deprived from care of their relatives.  Unfortunately cases of abuse and torture of children placed in foster families or under custody are far from being rare. As an example, The Investigative Committee in now investigating a number of crimes including drastic cases and tragedies that were committed against children in foster families in Vologda Oblast and Republic of Tatarstan, and a woman from Amur Oblast was deprived of liberty for 17 years as a penalty for killing of a minor child and committing several more unlawful acts agains children under her custody. Protection of legitimate interests, life and health of children is a priority of operation of The Investigative Committee of The Russian Federation and the central office of The Committee keeps all criminal cases of crimes against minors under special control.

12 October 2018 13:20

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