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In Moscow Region, resident of Tula Region sentenced to life imprisonment for murder of woman and her child

The evidence gathered by the Moscow Region Office of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation was found to be sufficient by the court and jurors to sentence Sergey Zhelin, a previously repeatedly convicted resident of Tula Region. He was found guilty of committing offences under Paragraphs A, B, J of Part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code of Russia (murder) and Part 1 of Article 158 (theft).

As was established by the investigation and the court, on December 18, 2016, Zhelin killed his partner during a fight, while being in one of the apartments in Korolev, Moscow Region. To conceal the murder of the victim, the criminal strangled her 5-year-old son, who also was in the apartment. Following the crime, the accused took the victim's tablet, mobile phones and credit cards from the apartment and then fled.

The accused was detained in Tula, due to the competent investigative actions and criminal intelligence and surveillance operations. At the interrogation, he confessed and reported all the circumstances of the crime he committed. It should be noted that the investigator conducted over 15 forensic examinations during the preliminary investigation.

The jurors found Zhelin did not deserve leniency.

The court ruled to sentence him to life imprisonment in a penal colony of special regime.

17 October 2018 11:19

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