Chairman of Investigative Committee of Russia holds briefing in Crimea with reference to tragedy in Kerch college

Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin made a working visit to Crimea with reference to the mass killing in the Kerch Technical College on October 17.

The Chairman, joined by his deputies Igor Krasnov and Boris Karnaukhov, along with the investigation chiefs and representatives of other law enforcement agencies, held a briefing where he listened to a report on the first results of the investigation and issued several specific instructions on further investigation.

In particular, Alexander Bastrykin instructed to define all the circumstances and causes entailed the Kerch tragedy, during the investigation. “It is essential to learn about Roslyakov’s family environment and his attitude to his close relatives; to define whether said family had been socially vulnerable, whether the young man had expressed hostility or other maladapted behaviour before, whether there had been any other alarms about his physical and mental health, whether all the necessary steps to prevent and eliminate them had been taken by the related services, including healthcare specialists. We need to find the cause of hostility of the attacker,” said the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

In addition, Alexander Bastrykin instructed the investigators to assess the mental environment in the college; Roslyakov’s social circle; whether he and other students had been approached by teachers and psychologists. The investigators will examine whether there are any crisis management centres in the city and how efficient they are. Another matter the investigators of the Investigative Committee are to inspect is whether the students’ leisure time had been arranged properly with a sufficient range of clubs and classes; whether there had been any lessons on patriotic upbringing of the youth.

Also, the investigators were instructed to thoroughly examine the matters of security in the college; the compliance of Roslyakov’s obtaining a firearm permit; the nature of explosive items he had brought to the college; and other aspects related to the crime circumstances.

Official spokesperson for the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation S. Petrenko