Co-owner of 1520 Group of Companies detained on suspicion of bribing of former police officer Dmitry Zakharchenko

The Main Directorate on Major Crimes Investigation of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation continues to work over the probe into bribe-taking by former police officer Dmitry Zakharchenko.

As part of the probe, co-owner of the 1520 Group of Companies Valery Markelov and lawyer Viktor Belevtsov were detained. The investigation regards Markelov’s actions as an offence under Part 5 of Article 291 of the Criminal Code of Russia (bribery on a very large scale); Belevtsov’s actions – under Article 291.1 of the Criminal Code of Russia (mediation in bribery).

According to the investigators, from 2007 to 2016, Markelov and his three accomplices had given bribes to Dmitry Zakharchenko for general patronage. The total amount of bribes had exceeded 2 billion roubles. 150,000 dollars of illegal gratification had been transferred monthly. Belevtsov had been performing of various assignments associated with the general patronage and money collection. The money had used to be transferred in cash, while the means of the transfer had been chosen by Zakharchenko.

Inder a motion of the investigators, the court ruled to keep Markelov and Belevtsov in custody. The criminal investigation is ongoing.

Official spokesperson for the Investigative Committee of Russia S. Petrenko