Mother of child found in stairwell in Shchyolkovo, Moscow Region, detained

The Moscow Regional Office of the Main Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia together with officers of the MIA General Administration for Moscow Region detained the mother of the boy found in a stairwell of an apartment building in Shchyolkovo on October 14, 2018. The woman is under suspicion of committing offences under Article 156 (failure to discharge the duties of bringing up a minor) and Article 125 (abandoning to danger) of the Criminal Code of Russia.

During an interrogation, the suspect told the investigator that she had left her infant son near the entrance to an apartment building in Shchyolkovo owing to a challenging situation in her life. After that, she had gone to a friend to Saratov by train. Upon her return, she was apprehended on the Three Station Square in Moscow by officers of the MIA General Administration for Moscow Region.

During the interrogation, it was established that the suspect is a resident of Ukraine with no permanent place of residence in the Russian Federation. She had been living with her son in Shchyolkovo at different addresses.

At the moment, the investigative activities associated with the probe and aimed to gather and prove the evidence, are ongoing. A birth father of the child is being identified; characteristics are being gathered.