In Vologda Region, man, accused of number of offences against children, identified due to effort of Investigative Committee of Russia in solving past years crimes

In 2004, Cherepovets Prosecutor's Office had launched a probe into sexual assault of a girl. However, at that time it had not been possible to identify the person involved in the commission of the crime, and therefore the preliminary criminal investigation had been suspended.

Purposefully studying the materials of the 14-year-old criminal case, investigators of the Investigative Committee, who consider the work on solving crimes of past years as one of their priorities, concluded that there were signs of a serial pattern in the handwriting of the perpetrator who had assaulted the minor. To confirm their assumptions, the investigators and forensic experts of the Vologda Regional Office of the Investigative Committee carried out a tremendous amount of work on studying the materials of criminal cases, in which a criminal had acted in similar circumstances. Many examinations were conducted on the remaining physical evidence, including DNA fingerprinting. During the examinations, modern technical capabilities of forensic science confirmed the presence of a DNA of a 41-year old resident of Cherepovets in biological traces left on the physical evidence more than 10 years ago, in those years not in the field of view of law enforcement agencies. The integrated investigation on exposing the perpetrator helped to prove his involvement in similar crimes against two more girls.

At the moment, the Vologda Regional Office of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation charged the 41-year-old local man with a series of offences of 14 years ago related to sexual violence against minor girls (Paragraph C of Part 3 of Article 132 of the Criminal Code of Russia, three episodes of sexual actions with the use of violence; Paragraph C of Part 3 of Article 131 of the Criminal Code of Russia, two episodes of rape; and Article 119 of the Criminal Code of Russia, threat of murder).

Despite the already established facts, the detainee’s involvement in other similar crimes is being assessed; the investigative actions are being conducted in Vologda and Leningrad regions. With reference to this, the investigators ask everyone who has information relevant for the probe or may have been a victim of the perpetrator's actions to report it to the Investigations Directorate by phone numbers +7(8172)572133, +7(8172)572143, +7(8172)572142.