Director of TransAvto LLC detained, as part of criminal investigation into provision of services that failed to meet requirements to safety of life and health of consumers, causing death of 13 people by negligence

It had been previously reported that the Directorate on Major Crimes Investigation of the Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation had been investigating a criminal case into an offence under Part 3 of Article 238 of Criminal Code of Russia due to provision of services failing to meet the requirements to safety of consumers’ life and health, causing death of 13 people by negligence as a result of a vehicle accident featuring two buses taken place at a section of the road near Nekrasovo rural settlement of Tver Region.

At the moment, Investigative Committee officers apprehended the head of TransAvto LLC responsible for safety of passenger traffic; he is subject to investigative activities.

According to the investigation, on October 5, 2018, at the 24th kilometre of the Tver-Rzhev highway near Nekrasovo rural settlement of Kalinin District, moving from the side of Staritsa towards Tver, a driver at the wheel of a Ford Transit minibus had breached the road traffic regulations and caused a vehicle accident featuring a LiAZ bus, when providing services on organized transportation of a group of people that had not met requirements to safety of consumers’ life and health, being the responsible representative of the carrier, TransAvto LLC. As a result of the accident, 13 people had died from injuries, 12 of which had been the passengers of the Ford Transit minibus, and its driver. A Ford Transit bus passenger, and a LiAZ bus driver and its passenger had been transported to a medical institution in Tver with bodily injuries of varying severity.

On the day of the accident, the site had been thoroughly examined by investigation officers and forensic specialists of the Regional Directorate of the Investigative Committee, as well as of the Main Forensics Directorate of the Central Office of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. Design documents and data on activities on provision of safety during the passenger traffic had been seized from the vehicles operators; a series of forensic examinations had been appointed.

A set of required activities are ongoing, aimed at establishing of circumstances of the crime committed, as well as at collection and preservation of the evidence base.

The investigation is ongoing.