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Local citizen given life sentence for murder of three children in Samara Region

The evidence gathered by the Samara Regional Office of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation was found sufficient by the court to sentence 26-year-old Andrey Pokrovenkov of multiple prior convictions. He was accused of offences under Article 105, Part 2, paragraphs A, C, E, F, H (murder of two or more persons known by the killer to be in a helpless state, committed with especial cruelty by a generally dangerous method, committed out of mercenary motives); Article 30, Part 3; Article 105, Part 2, paragraphs A, C, E, F, H (attempt of murder of two or more persons); Article 167, Part 2 (Wilful destruction or damage of other people’s property committed by means of fire involving the infliction of considerable damage) of the Criminal Code of Russia.

As it was reported earlier, on February 14, 2018, at about 10 PM, one of apartments, located in a single storey house in Specialists Street of Lozovka rural settlement in Kinel-Cherkassy District of Samara Region, caught fire. After the fire was extinguished, there we discovered bodies of a two-year-old boy and of a boy and a girl of four months.

According to the investigation and to the court, the ignited apartment was inhabited by a family having seven young children aged from four months to twelve years. The father of the family under the influence of alcohol had a fight with his spouse over constant lack of money and decided to commit a murder of his wife and children. After than in order to implement his criminal intent, Pokrovenkov set the fire to some items in the apartment and ran away. Illegal actions of the perpetrator entailed death of three children, two of the young children managed to exit the apartment on their own. The wife of the convict exited the apartment with the help of neighbours; other children were not home at the moment of fire.

The mother with four young children is currently residing in rehabilitation centre in Samara region.

Investigation into the probe included over 15 forensic examinations, such as: eight medical examinations, evaluative expertise, fire technical expertise, five psychological and psychiatric examinations; over 35 witnesses and victims have been interviewed, the crime scene was inspected several times including with the forensics experts of the Investigations Directorate.

The court sentenced Pokrovenkov to life imprisonment.

01 November 2018 12:51

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