In Kemerovo Region, suspect of murder of missing minor detained

The Kemerovo Regional Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation detained a 38-year-old resident of the regional capital suspected of committing an offence under Part 1 of Article 105 (murder) of the Criminal Code of Russia.

On October 25, 2018, a local citizen had reported her 16 year-old son missing to a law enforcement agency. Operative search activities established where and with whom the minor had been before he disappeared. According to the investigation, at night the young man and his friend had entered the territory of a half-finished house in Komissarovo settlement. A search of the area revealed cartridge cases on the ground and shot traces on a tree. Having established a direction, the investigative team, including forensic investigators, performed a thorough search of the area. Expertly arranged work yielded results - fragments of tissue were found on the ground under a bush. Following that, a forensic investigator examined the spot with special lighting revealing biological traces. Hemofan dip strips showed that the traces were blood. Biological samples were taken from the teenager’s mother to perform a DNA test of the found blood. The results proved the blood to be her son’s.

During the following investigative operative activities, the suspect was identified and detained. He was the 38-year-old citizen of the regional capital, of no prior convictions. The man explained to an investigator that he had got a call from his brother who had asked him to check upon the house where motion sensors had gone off. Having arrived to the house, he had detected the teenagers and asked them to leave. They had denied him that and started running across the room. Then he had made several warning shots to the air with his hunting shotgun at his disposal. The teenagers had spread. The man had gone after one of them to the woods, while making a few more shots towards one of the run-aways. Several metres apart, he had seen the boy lying on the ground, showing no vital signs. Having checked that the victim had died, the suspect had returned to the construction site where his brother had arrived. He had told the brother of what had happened, and they had conspired to take the boy’s body to another district of the town where they had buried it in a forest. Later, the investigators found the burial place and the body. Under an investigative motion, the court ruled to put the suspect in custody.

At the moment, the investigators work with the suspect to decide upon his charges and custodial arrest. A complex of forensic examinations, including a psychological and psychiatric one, is to be carried out during the investigation. The criminal investigation is ongoing.

Video of investigative activities