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Senior assistant of Chairman of Investigative Committee comes to Murmansk Region upon his instruction to examine issues of organization of work for prevention of crimes committed by minors and their social rehabilitation

Today Igor Komissarov, the senior assistant of Alexander Bastrykin, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee, came to Murmansk Region upon instruction from the Chairman.

During his working visit he studied issues of organization of work for prevention of crimes committed by minors and their social rehabilitation, and effectiveness of cooperation of units of the system for prevention and social protection authorities.

On the same day he held a briefing with Marina Kovtun, the Governor of Murmansk Region, Alexander Mayakov, the Chief Federal Inspector, Boris Kogan, the Murmansk Regional children’s Ombudsman, Andrey Efremov, the Head of Murmansk Regional Investigations Directorate, chiefs of relevant ministries and agencies, law enforcement and other control and monitoring bodies.

The briefing included discussion of issues of prevention of crimes committed by minors, their social rehabilitation, providing help to children in difficult situations and their parents (legal representatives) and other people cohabitating with minors.

During the briefing Igor Komissarov outlined a positive experience of children’s recreation campaign in the region and measures for early identification of children in socially dangerous conditions. He also commended a system of early aid and support to families in difficult situations and to children with disabilities that was created in Murmansk region.

The summary of the briefing showed that it is necessary to improve effectiveness of interagency interaction and securing of rights and interests of the minors.

The agenda also included discussion of additional regional regulative measures for sports tourism. A special attention was paid to optimization of the system of psychological and psychiatric assistance provided to victims of adverse actions.

Apart from that, Igor Komissarov met with a victim who previously applied to Alexander Bastrykin for personal reception on questions about process and results of a probe into the death of her minor child.

Before meeting the victim Igor Komissarov visited the scene of the tragedy - Murmansk social institution, where he communicated to the institution staff members in person and evaluated conditions of stay of the children.

Parents of the children that receive services of the social centre complained about difficulties about morning and evening transfer of children from public transport station to the centre.

Social centre staff expressed their concerns about possible liquidation of the centre and difficulties with their onward employment.

The issue of transfer of juveniles of special category to the institution was settled during the visit of Sergey Myakishev, the Minister of Social Development, to the centre.

Upon decision of the Minister, the transfer of children to location where they are provided with services by the centre will be organized from tomorrow.

Sergey Myakishev will hold a meeting with parents of the juveniles to settle the issues of relocation of the centre and its availability for the children. The minister will also resolve possible difficulties of onward employment of centre staff after its reorganisation.

Adrey Efremov, the Head of Murmansk Regional Investigations Directorate decided to establish patronage over the said institution by Investigations Department of the city of Murmansk.

During his visit to the region Igor Komissarov met and communicated with Alexander Nevsky cadet class of Municipal Budgetary Educational Institution “Lyceum №2 of the city of Murmansk” and placed flowers to memorial complex for Defenders of the Soviet Arctic during the Great Patriotic War together with the Head of the Investigations Directorate Andrey Efremov.

The Investigative Committee of Russia pays special attention to securing of rights and legal interests of the minors. This is a key priority of the work of units of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

08 November 2018 20:44

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